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Ningbo Chengyang Jiayi International Trade Co., Ltd.
Release date : 2020/3/21 16:22:54  Click volume : 518
Ningbo Chengyang Jiayi International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, an international port city. It specializes in international import and export trade. It is mainly engaged in the import and export business of clothing, fabrics, sanitary ware, building materials, electrical machinery, toys, daily necessities and other products. The garment factory can provide customized and OEM production. Ningbo Chengyang Jiayi International Trade Co., Ltd. is deeply involved in international trade, providing customers with full-process services such as procurement, warehousing, freight, and customs declaration. You only need to tell us your needs, and we will provide you with a variety of solutions. We have the supply resources of more than 500 manufacturers of various products. We have modern port warehousing and a complete set of resources for customs declaration and shipment from Dalian Port, Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, and Guangzhou Port. Efficient operation team. At the same time, we provide services such as inspection of goods, collection of goods, storage of goods, and goods dispatch, as well as a special service of dispatch. Looking forward to cooperating with you, we will serve you wholeheartedly!